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Fascinujúci hráč na gitaru!

Estas Tonne pochádza z Ukrajiny a  je novodobý stredoveký trubadúr.

Svojou hrou na gitaru roztrasie dušu nielen dámam.

Его зовут Эстас Тонне и сегодня он порвет вашу душу на кусочки

Rebirth of a Thought: Between Fire & Water

In 2015 the only official Estas Tonne performance happened in Dresden. The Beautiful Kreuzkirche hosted more than 2000 people who had an opportunity to witness and be part of one more unforgettable shared moment. This video is a short glimpse into 3.5 hours musical journey.Thank you goes for Jazztage Dresden organizers Mixed & Mastered by Leon Galperin Soundpro Studios a helping hand filming this event thank you:Indre Kuliesiute, Michail Sergeev & Gintautas BerzinskasFilmed & Edited by Giedrius Dagys www.abu2.comFor more information and tour dates visit http://www.estastonne.comOriginal Video has been published via Youtube:

Posted by Estas Tonne Music on Saturday, July 23, 2016

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