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Andrea Bocelli s Ellie Goulding majú nádhernú baladu Return To Love

Keď sa spoja dva nádherné hlasy, môže vzniknúť niečo naozaj prekrásne. Andrea Bocelli pripravuje nový album a bude na ňom táto úžasná skladba, ktorá sa podľa nás stane celosvetovým hitom. Pieseň sa volá Return To Love a je to nádherná balada o láske. Hlas Ellie Goulding dokonale dopĺňa Bocelliho.

Andrea Bocelli, Ellie Goulding – Return To Love ft. Ellie Goulding

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa elliegoulding (@elliegoulding),

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. Yesterday started at 6am, in order to reach the Cittadella del Cielo – the Citadel of the Heavens – and meet the Holy Father, in the community of Nuovi Orizzonti. We gathered together with Chiara Amirante and her young beneficiaries, and the testimonies came one after another: dramatic stories of young people who have known the hell of drugs, loneliness, crime. . The Holy Father listened in silence, and when he spoke it was with the affection of a father, of a friend. His words were simple but profound, words that everyone could understand. He moved and comforted, with great humanity and humility, encouraging hope. . The young people of Nuovi Orizzonti who have known such misfortune; the journalists and the artists present who represent great privilege; all of them were won over and visibly touched by the goodness and patience of this man who, as Vicar of Christ on Earth, takes upon himself the huge weight of the Church. . Then came the music: the duet with Matteo, the embrace with fellow friends such as Nek and Andrea Griminelli, the Eucharistic celebration and the lunch, when the Holy Father sat amongst the young people. . Another moving meeting took place in the afternoon, when a well-known entrepreneur confided in me the miracle performed by Padre Pio on him personally. . At the end of the day I felt the need to sit down and share through this brief note, a chronicle of these wonderful, unforgettable hours. . – Andrea . @nuovi.orizzonti @camirante @franciscus

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Andrea Bocelli (@andreabocelliofficial),

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